Thursday, June 3, 2010

PaulDotCom EP200: The Hackers for Charity Podcast-a-Thon

Tomorrow I will be trekking south the hang with the PaulDotCom crew for the 8 hour recording of Episode 200. They will be streaming live and it looks like they are pulling out all the stops for this episode. There will be interviews, tech segments, and appearances from HD Moore, Johnny Long, Lenny Zeltzer, Ron Gula, Jack Daniel, and a couple of surprise guests.

The show is dedicated to raising awareness and money for Johnny Long's Hackers for Charity. If you are not familiar with the work Johnny is doing with HFC, take a look! Donations can be made via the donate button on the PaulDotCom website or via the HFC Get Involved Page. So help out with a donation and listen live tomorrow!

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