Monday, May 24, 2010

The Security Bloggers Network

Rich Mogull of Securosis recently published a blog post entitled Is Twitter Making Us Dumb? Bloggers, Please Come Back. Rich summarizes his experience starting a blog and shares his perspective on the diminishing amount of blogging. Alan Shimel who runs the Security Blogger Network quickly followed up with his own post.

I too have noticed that my RSS reader is not nearly as full as it once was. Many of the resources I have today in my RSS Reader came from the Security Bloggers Network after stumbling upon it several years ago. The blogs I was introduced to through the SBN opened up a new world for me. I was introduced to thoughts and opinions from every corner of the security community. Many of which I had never considered.

When I started my own blog about a year ago, it never occurred to me to even join. In retrospect, it may have been lack of confidence, as I was not sure what I was going to write about. I just knew that there were some thoughts I needed to rant about and blogging seemed like a logical medium. But I quickly found blogging to be an rewarding experience and I am currently backlogged with so many ideas for posts, I have enough material for the remainder of the year.

So I am proud to announce, I am a new member of the Security Bloggers Network. If you have a blog, I recommend you consider joining. If you do not have a blog I ask you to consider starting one, as it can be a rewarding experience to both the author and the reader, alike.

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