Thursday, December 10, 2009

Update on Symantec Vulnerability

So I wanted to give everyone an update on the Symantec Antivirus vulnerability I outlined in my previous post entitled; Lessons Learned: Vulnerability and Expectations Management. It appears that the exploit code has been published to the Exploit Database and has also been added to the Metasploit Framework. If you have not read my previous article, please make note here. In some cases of upgrading from previous versions of Symantec Corporate Antivirus to 10.1 MR8, servers are still vulnerable to this exploit.

The problem is due to the fact that AMS2 does not get removed in all cases of upgrading from version 9 to 10. If the Intel File Transfer service (xfr.exe) is running and listening on TCP Port 12174 then you are still vulnerable. Disabling the service or completely uninstalling and reinstalling Symantec Antivirus were the two options given to me by support at Symantec. I use the term "support" loosely here as I'm the one that told them disabling the serviced mitigates the issue.

I have attempted to get Symantec to edit their advisory with this information without success. So make sure you verify your patches with the attached code or favorite vulnerability scanner. Tenable Nessus does have a plugin available here.

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  1. Nice information Tim, we run Symantec at work, I have to look into this tomorrow. Something else added to the my to-do list thanks :).

    Sherwyn aka "Infolookup"